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About Us

At The WellMent Company, we view business as Simon Sinek explains in The Infinite Game:

“The responsibility of business is to use its will and resources to advance a cause greater than itself, protect the people and places in which it operates and generate more resources so that it can continue doing all those things as long as possible.” 

Our Story


The WellMent Company was founded by a group of entrepreneurs with backgrounds in creative community building. The foundational concept for The WellMent Company was born when we were approached by an organization in 2016 looking to freshen up their traditional, stagnant wellness program. We pitched the idea of fun and interactive weekly video challenges covering a diverse range of topics, they loved the idea and participation soared under our new "WellMent" program. We continue to study the research and best-practices around employee engagement and well-being to create the customizable program and services we offer today. 



Connecting People


Vision Statement


To promote individual and community well-being, connection and meaning


Mission Statement


Service Mission-To provide creative, custom and fun engagement programs that improve well-being, build community, and help individuals and groups find and focus on meaning.


Social Mission- To compassionately leverage The WellMent Company to improve our world by leading in a way that impacts quality of life at the personal, family and community level while providing discounted programs to non-profits and underserved organizations and groups.


Environmental Mission- To have a positive impact on the environment by delivering the majority of The WellMent Company programs digitally while exposing customers to relevant environmental initiatives within their programs.


Economic Mission-To manage The WellMent Company for sustainable profitable growth increasing value for all stakeholders and allowing for the financial support of social and environmental causes we are passionate about. 


Core Values

Community, Fun, Well-Being

Giving Commitment

The WellMent Company is committed to giving some of our annual revenue to causes we are passionate about. This includes the environment and our 1% for the Planet commitment along with providing financial support to On The Road Collaborative, a local 501 c 3 that is committed to closing the learning gap that children from low-income families have experienced.  

Continuous Improvement

The WellMent Company is always striving to improve our impact. 

WellMent Code of Ethics


Our Team

Our Team

Alan Maynard


Alan is a 2006 graduate of James Madison University, and gained experience in community counseling, music industry, and healthcare in the years following his undergraduate degree. In 2012, he received his masters in Higher Education Administration. That same year he co-founded VA Momentum - an active event management company with the mission of Energizing Communities for Good.

Kevin Gibson


Kevin is a 2005 graduate of James Madison University and received his Masters in Higher Education Administration from Miami (OH) in 2007. He worked at George Washington University and James Madison University before co-founding VA Momentum in 2012.

Brandy Lindsey


Brandy is a 2008 graduate of Radford University, where she first got her start in radio.  Since then, Brandy has enjoyed combining her two loves of music and talking on hit music station, Q101 in Harrisonburg, VA.  She also enjoys playing guitar, helping out in the community, and spending time (or lately, zoom meetings) with family and friends.

Jairemy Drooger

Jairemy is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of executive experience in diverse fields ranging from Food, Pharmaceuticals, and Chemicals to Nonprofits and Software. He has his MBA with a concentration in non profit management. Jairemy is a co-founder of CT Assist, a cardiac surgery healthcare staffing company, founder of MSL Consulting and is passionate about developing company culture, alignment and building great teams. 

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