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Live Life Differently

Why? We believe that everyone should live their best life.

How? We focus on 3 things: 1) personal well-being (Care), 2) building relationships and understanding amongst those around us (Community), and 3) learning and living out personal and organizational purposes and values in the world (Meaning).

What? Fun, creative and custom weekly video challenges.

"Employees are 81% less likely to look for a new job if their employer offers a program focused on the human side of wellness." Jim Harter, Ph.D.


"Your challenges are always so bright and amazing...I love seeing them on Mondays and tracking them on Fridays. It’s like a weekday sandwich." 

- Emma Sawyer, Jenzabar HR Coordinator

"I'd like to say thanks to The WellMent Company for an awesome year! I personally thought these challenges were great - and loved the fact that they changed each week and had variety. Way to go guys!!!"

- Amanda Keller, Jenzabar Accounts Receivable

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